If you have difficulty accessing any of the photos in your photo library, or any other issues using PhotoScope there are a few things listed below which may resolve your problems. If you have tried the suggestions below and still have issues, or for any other feedback, please email

When emailing with queries or problems please try to include as much detail as possible including what version of Aperture and/or iPhoto and what version of OS X you are using along with a description of the specific problem you are having.

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Trouble Shooting

  1. The PhotoScope Helper app must be running for PhotoScope to work, and the window must be open. A future release of the Helper (coming soon) will run in the menu bar instead of as a normal application as many people have requested this.
  2. Firewalls may interfere with operation of PhotoScope. If you have a firewall enabled on the Mac running the helper it would be good to try turning it off if you have problems.
  3. Some WiFi networks enforce a 'client isolation' mode where they don't let computers on the network see each other. Disabling this may resolve problems.
  4. PhotoScope depends on the preview JPEG images which Aperture and iPhoto generate. In Aperture you can control whether or not these are generated and at what size by selecting Aperture -> Preferences -> Previews and ensure that New projects automatically generate previews is ticked and, if you want to see full image detail, set the Photo preview option to Don't limit
  5. The iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and the computer running the helper app must be on the same network. This doesn't necessarily mean the same WiFi connection, but it might help if you're having issues.
  6. Sometimes if the helper is running and you still don't see it you can close the iOS app (double tap the home button and then swipe it up) and reopen it to get it to work.
  7. It can be helpful to check that iTunes home sharing works from the computer and iOS device in question. It exercises a lot of the same sort of things (service discovery for example) that PhotoScope uses.