Frequently Asked Questions

Does PhotoScope really show full resolution photos even with huge (70+ megapixel) images?


How? Surely an iPad or iPhone doesn't have the memory to load such large images.

The PhotoScope Helper loads the full resolution images and scales and tiles them so as to send only the needed tiles to the iOS device. As you zoom and pan around the image the iOS device asks for appropriate tiles.

How secure is the Helper app? Can anyone with PhotoScope view my photos?

At the moment there is no security so you should only run the helper on your home network where you trust all the machines on the network.

Does PhotoScope work with Lightroom/Picassa/folders of images on my computer?

Not at this time. If you would like it to please leave feedback. I am planning to add support for more programs in the future.

Does the PhotoScope Helper run on Windows?

Again, not at this time. I would like to make it run on Windows too though - if you want this either leave feedback or check back here from time to time.

I'm a bit worried about PhotoScope's rating/flagging/rejecting mechanism - could the Helper app break my iPhoto/Aperture library?

In short: no. The helper app never modifies the library itself. Rating is done by using AppleScript to direct Aperture to rate the images requested. The helper app does read the Aperture/iPhoto library itself though. It is, of course, always a very good idea to make backups of your photo libraries.

Do Aperture or iPhoto need to be running to view the libaries? What about rating?

No, but if you try to rate an image from your Aperture library and Aperture isn't running then it will be started automatically. AppleScript automatically starts the appropriate app when the PhotoScope Helper tries to communicate with it.

Does my computer need to be left on for PhotoScope browsing?


Is it possible to access my photos over the internet with PhotoScope?

The simple answer is no. There's no fundamental reason why it wouldn't work, but PhotoScope only looks for shared libraries on the network that it is on. There is no way to tell it to look elsewhere at the moment. This may change in the future. Also, there is no security in PhotoScope at the moment, so if you exposed your library over the internet anyone could view it and, if you allow it, rate/reject or flag your images.

What if I use a VPN from my iPhone/iPad to connect to my home (or work) network where the helper app is running?

I'm not sure at the moment. That could work - it just depends on whether Bonjour (mDNS) messages get forwarded over the VPN. I may try it.

It would be really great if PhotoScope could do X or had feature Y - can you add it please?

Depending on what it is, maybe. Feel free to send feedback and if something is popular or seems good I'll add it if possible.